Provide High Availability for a Service or Application

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

In this scenario, the goal is to provide high availability for a client-server application or service. If an action that is made by a user of the application is interrupted, the application must automatically retry the action. This is necessary because a user action might sometimes be performed during a failover, meaning that the action would be interrupted (briefly) while failover occurred and would require an automatic retry to complete without further user action.

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For example, A. Datum Corporation may want to provide employees at their downtown location with a client-server application that achieves 99.99% availability (down for less than 1 hour per year).

For additional deployment goals, such as the goal of providing high availability for a file or print server, see Identifying Your Failover Cluster Deployment Goals.

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Appendix B: Identifying Availability Requirements for a Failover Cluster