Import mod_rewrite Rules Page

Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista

Use the Import mod_rewrite Rules page to convert rules in Apache mod_rewrite format to IIS URL rewrite rules. Rules can be imported from an Apache-style configuration file, or pasted/typed into the Rewrite rules section of the feature page.

UI Element List

The following tables describe the UI elements that are available in Features View and in the Actions pane.

Features View Elements

Element Name Description

Rules to Import

Specifies the list of mod_rewrite rules to import. This section contains the following UI elements:

Element Name Description

Configuration file

Specifies the path of a file that contains mod_rewrite rules.


Loads the configuration file and parses mod_rewrite rules.

Rewrite rules

Lists the rewrite rules that are found in the configuration file.

Converted rules

Specifies the collection of rules that were converted from a configuration file. This section contains the following UI elements:

Element Name Description

Tree View

When selected, displays the hierarchical view of imported rules.

Xml View

When selected, displays the resulting IIS configuration syntax for the imported rules.

Actions Pane Elements

Element Name Description


Saves the changes that were made to imported rules.


Cancels the imported rules.

Back to Rules

Returns to the URL Rewrite Module Page.

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