Reporting APIs for Enterprise customers - Balance and Summary


Microsoft no longer updates the Enterprise Reporting APIs. Instead, you should use Azure Consumption APIs. The Azure Billing - Balance and Summary API is replaced by the Azure Consumption - Balances API.

The Balance and Summary API offers a monthly summary of information on balances, new purchases, Azure Marketplace service charges, adjustments, and overage charges.


Common header properties that need to be added are specified in the Overview of Reporting APIs for Enterprise customers article. If a billing period isn't specified, then data for the current billing period is returned.

Method Request URI


To use the previous version of the API, replace v3 with v2 in the URLs above. Some fields aren't available if you use v2.


        "id": "enrollments/100/billingperiods/201507/balancesummaries",
          "billingPeriodId": 201507,
          "currencyCode": "USD",
          "beginningBalance": 0,
          "endingBalance": 1.1,
          "newPurchases": 1,
          "adjustments": 1.1,
          "utilized": 1.1,
          "serviceOverage": 1,
          "chargesBilledSeparately": 1,
          "totalOverage": 1,
          "totalUsage": 1.1,
          "azureMarketplaceServiceCharges": 1,
          "newPurchasesDetails": [
              "name": "",
              "value": 1
          "adjustmentDetails": [
              "name": "Promo Credit",
              "value": 1.1
              "name": "SIE Credit",
              "value": 1.0

Response property definitions

Property Name Type Description
id string The unique Id for a specific billing period and enrollment
billingPeriodId string The billing period Id
currencyCode string The currency code
beginningBalance decimal The beginning balance for the billing period
endingBalance decimal The ending balance for the billing period (for open periods this will be updated daily)
newPurchases decimal Total new purchase amount
adjustments decimal Total adjustment amount
utilized decimal Total Commitment usage
serviceOverage decimal Overage for Azure services
chargesBilledSeparately decimal Charges Billed separately
totalOverage decimal serviceOverage + chargesBilledSeparately
totalUsage decimal Azure service commitment + total Overage
azureMarketplaceServiceCharges decimal Total charges for Azure Marketplace
newPurchasesDetails JSON string array of Name Value pairs List of new purchases
adjustmentDetails JSON string array of Name Value pairs List of Adjustments (Promo credit, SIE credit etc.)

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