Enterprise Content Management solutions for SharePoint

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution pack includes code samples and documentation that you can use to transition your SharePoint Online and SharePoint ECM solutions from full trust code to the add-in model.

  • The samples in this solution pack show you how to use provider-hosted add-ins to perform common ECM tasks such as setting site policies, uploading files, or synchronizing term groups.
  • The documentation helps you get started with and walk you through the primary scenarios that each sample illustrates.

Article Sample Shows you how to
Document library templates ECM.DocumentLibraries Implement a custom document library template when creating a document library.
Auto-tagging ECM.Autotagging Automatically tag documents with metadata when documents are created or uploaded to SharePoint.
Information management Core.InformationManagement Get or set site policies to manage the site lifecycle (closure and deletion of sites after a period of time).
Records management extensions ECM.RecordsManagement Enable and change in-place records management settings on your sites and lists.
Taxonomy operations Core.MMS Create and read taxonomy data.
Bulk upload documents Core.BulkDocumentUploader Bulk upload documents to document libraries (including OneDrive for Business).
Upload large files Core.LargeFileUpload Use different methods to upload large files to a document library.
Synchronize term groups Core.MMSSync Synchronize term groups across multiple term stores.
Support % and # in files and folders with ResourcePath API - Find developer guidance on updated support for % and # in files and folders.

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