User profile solutions for SharePoint

The user profiles solution pack includes code samples and documentation that you can use to work with user profile properties and personalize your SharePoint solution.

  • The samples in this solution pack show you how to use provider-hosted add-ins to work with SharePoint user profile data.
  • The articles in this section help you get started with and walk you through the primary scenarios that each sample illustrates.

Article Sample Shows you how to
Read or update user profile properties UserProfile.Manipulation.CSOM Read and update user profile properties for a particular user.
Bulk update custom user profile properties for SharePoint Online UserProfile.BatchUpdate.API Perform bulk updates to multiple user profiles as a batch execution.
Migrate user profile properties Core.ProfileProperty.Migration Migrate user profile data from SharePoint Server into SharePoint Online.
Personalize search results Search.PersonalizedResults Personalize SharePoint by filtering information based on the value of a user profile property.
Upload user profile pictures Core.ProfilePictureUploader Do a bulk upload of user profile data from either a file share or SharePoint Online URL, and link user profile properties to uploaded images.

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