Item Property (ADO)

Indicates a specific member of a collection, by name or ordinal number.


Set object = collection.Item ( Index )  

Return Value

Returns an object reference.


A Variant expression that evaluates either to the name or to the ordinal number of an object in a collection.


Use the Item property to return a specific object in a collection. If Item cannot find an object in the collection corresponding to the Index argument, an error occurs. Also, some collections don't support named objects; for these collections, you must use ordinal number references.

The Item property is the default property for all collections; therefore, the following syntax forms are interchangeable:

collection.Item (Index)  
collection (Index)  

Applies To

Axes Collection (ADO MD) Columns Collection (ADOX) CubeDefs Collection (ADO MD)
Dimensions Collection (ADO MD) Errors Collection (ADO) Fields Collection (ADO)
Groups Collection (ADOX) Hierarchies Collection (ADO MD) Indexes Collection (ADOX)
Keys Collection (ADOX) Levels Collection (ADO MD) Members Collection (ADO MD)
Parameters Collection (ADO) Positions Collection (ADO MD) Procedures Collection (ADOX)
Properties Collection (ADO) Tables Collection (ADOX) Users Collection (ADOX)
Views Collection (ADOX)

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