Members Collection (ADO MD)

Contains the Member objects from a level or a position along an axis.


A Members collection is used to contain the following types of members:

  • The members that make up a level in a cube. These are contained in the Members collection of a Level object. For example, using the sample from Overview of Multidimensional Schemas and Data, the four members of the Countries level are Canada, USA, UK, and Germany.

  • The members that are the children of a specific member within a hierarchy. These members are returned by the Children property of the parent Member object. For example, again using the same sample, the two children of the Canada member are Canada-East and Canada-West.

  • The members that define a specific position along an axis of a cellset. Using the cellset from Working with Multidimensional Data as an example, the two members of the first position on the x-axis are Valentine and Seattle. These members are contained by the Members collection of a Position object.

    Members is a standard ADO collection. With the properties and methods of a collection, you can do the following:

  • Obtain the number of objects in the collection with the Count property.

  • Return an object from the collection with the default Item property.

  • Update the objects in the collection from the provider with the Refresh method.

    This section contains the following topic.

  • Properties, Methods, and Events

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