Install SQL Server on Linux

SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 is supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Ubuntu. It is also available as a Docker image which can run on Docker Engine on Linux or Docker for Windows/Mac. The topics in this section provide tutorials and general guidance for installing SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 on Linux.

Supported platforms

SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 is supported on the following platforms:

Platform Supported version(s) Get
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Get RHEL 7.3
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server v12 SP2 Get SLES v12 SP2
Ubuntu 16.04 Get Ubuntu 16.04
Docker Engine 1.8+ Get Docker

System requirements

SQL Server 2017 has the following system requirements for Linux:

Memory Minimum 3.25 GB
File System XFS or EXT4 (other file systems, such as BTRFS, are unsupported)
Disk space Minimum 1 GB
Processor speed Minimum 1.4 Ghz
Processor cores Minimum 2
Processor type x64-compatible only

SQL Server Engine has been tested up to 1 TB of memory at this time.

Install SQL Server

Next steps

After installation, connect to the SQL Server instance to begin creating and managing databases. To get started, see Connect and query SQL Server on Linux.