Reporting Services Features Supported by the Editions of SQL Server

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This topic provides details of the Reporting Services features supported by the different editions of SQL Server. SQL Server Evaluation edition is available for a 180-day trial period.

For the latest SQL Server release notes, see SQL Server 2017 Release Notes. For the latest information on what is new, see What's new in Reporting Services (SSRS).

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For features supported by Evaluation and Developer editions, see the SQL Server Enterprise Edition column.

Reporting Services

Feature Name Enterprise Standard Web Express with Advanced Services Developer
Mobile reports and KPIs Yes Yes
Supported catalog DB SQL Server edition Standard or higher Standard or higher Web Express Standard or higher
Supported data source SQL Server edition All SQL Server editions All SQL Server editions Web Express All SQL Server editions
Report server Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report designer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report designer web portal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Role based security Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Export to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, and images Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced gauges and charting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pin report items to Power BIdashboards Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Report as data feeds Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Model support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create custom roles for role-based security Yes Yes Yes
Model Item security Yes Yes Yes
Infinite click through Yes Yes Yes
Shared component library Yes Yes Yes
Email and file share subscriptions and scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Report history, execution snapshots and caching Yes Yes Yes
SharePoint Integration Yes Yes Yes
Remote and non-SQL data source support1 Yes Yes Yes
Data source, delivery and rendering, RDCE extensibility Yes Yes Yes
Custom branding Yes Yes
Data driven report subscription Yes Yes
Scale out deployment (Web farms) Yes Yes
Alerting2 (SSRS 2016) Yes Yes
Power View2 (SSRS 2016) Yes Yes
Comments3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 For more information on supported data sources in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), see Data Sources Supported by Reporting Services (SSRS).

2 Requires Reporting Services 2016 in SharePoint mode. For more information, see Install Reporting Services SharePoint Mode. Starting in Reporting Services 2017, Reporting Services integration with SharePoint is no longer available.

3 Only in Power BI Report Server and Reporting Services 2017 and later.


SQL Server Express with Tools and SQL Server Express don't support SQL Server Reporting Services.

Report Server Database Server Edition Requirements

When creating a report server database, not all editions of SQL Server can be used to host the database. The following table shows you which editions of the Database Engine you can use for specific editions of Reporting Services.

For this edition of SQL Server Reporting Services Use this edition of the Database Engine instance to host the database
Enterprise Enterprise, or Standard editions (local or remote)
Standard Enterprise, or Standard editions (local or remote)
Web Web edition (local only)
Express with Advanced Services Express with Advanced Services (local only).
Evaluation Evaluation

Business Intelligence Clients

The following software client applications are available on the Microsoft Download center and are provided to assist you with creating business intelligence documents that run on a SQL Server instance. When you host these documents in a server environment, use an edition of SQL Server that supports that document type. The following table identifies which SQL Server edition contains the server features required to host the documents created in these client applications.

Tool Name Enterprise Standard Web Express with Advanced Services Developer
Report Builder (.rdl and .rds) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (.rsmobile) Yes Yes
Power BI apps for mobile devices (iOS, Windows 10, Android) (.rsmobile) Yes Yes


  1. The above table identifies the SQL Server editions that are required to enable these client tools; however these tools can access data hosted on any edition of SQL Server.
  2. SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher is the single point for creation of mobile reports. Connect to a Reporting Services server to access data sources and create reports. Then publish them to the Reporting Services server for others in the organization to access, either on the server or on mobile devices. You can also use SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher stand alone with local data sources
  3. Whether you are using SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS) on-premises, Power BI in the cloud, or both as your report delivery solution you only need one mobile app to access dashboards and mobile reports on mobile devices. The Power BI apps are available for download from the Windows, iOS, or Android app stores.

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