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We're interested in your ideas for improving our products and documentation. We can't always respond personally, but we'll make sure that your feedback gets to the right person or team.

I want to give feedback on SQL Server

The SQL Server engineering team keeps a close eye on the SQL Server User Voice. If you want to report a problem with SQL Server, such as crashes, sluggish performance, unexpected behavior, and so on, the User Voice is the best place to do that.

The User Voice is also a great place to let the engineering team know what they could do better! If you have any recommendations or feature suggestions, please report it here as well.

I want to give feedback about SQL Server documentation

The best way to reach the SQL Server content team is through Git Issues. You'll find an option to submit a Git Issue at the bottom of most of our pages:

Git Issue content feedback

If you have something else to share - an idea, a suggestion, feedback, anything! You can do so by filing a general Git Issue at https://aka.ms/SQLDocsFeedback.

Just select the 'New Issue' button to get started.

New Git Issue

The SQL Server content team also frequently solicits survey feedback. If you have some time to spare, please share your experiences with us at https://aka.ms/SQLDocSurvey.

I want to make a suggestion about SQL Server Management Studio

The SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) team also closely monitors the SQL Server User Voice so if you have any issues to report, or suggestions to make, the User Voice is the best place to do so.

I want to make a suggestion about Azure Data Studio

The Azure Data Studio team closely monitors issues and feature requests on Azure Data Studio Github. Please submit an issue or feature request here, and you can see when the issue/feature will be fixed or added.

I want to access the SQL Server technical documentation offline

If you would like to view the SQL Server documentation on an offline system, you have two options to do so. You can either create a PDF wherever you are in the SQL Server technical documentation, or you can download the offline content using SQL Server offline Help Viewer.

If you'd like to create a PDF, click the Download PDF link found at the bottom of every table of contents. Download PDF

I want to contact Microsoft Support

If you're a business user, please review the support options.

If you're a commercial user, please review the Microsoft Contact page.

I want to review license information about SQL Server

If you would like to download and review the license information for SQL Server, it can be found at Microsoft SQL Server Additional Software License Terms.

I want to ask the community for help

If you're interested in engaging the vibrant SQL Server community for assistance, there are multiple options available to you!


There are a few SQL Server blogs that can bring you the latest information about SQL Server.

MSDN Forums

There are many MSDN forums that can help you with your SQL Server questions.

Social media and communities

There are a few communities that can help you with your SQL Server issues.

Updates via Twitter

There are a few Twitter accounts that provide updates about SQL Server.

I want to contribute to SQL Server documentation

edit content Editing content

Did you find something wrong with our documentation? Or do you have a contribution that can improve our documentation? Well, you can edit the content found on docs.microsoft.com yourself. If you do so, not only will our documentation improve, but you'll also be credited as a contributor to the page! Find out more information at https://aka.ms/editsqldocs.

All public contributions are reviewed by the SQL content team for technical accuracy and consistency.