Peignot Medium font family

One of the really great European type foundries has been Deberny & Peignot in Paris. Just as Fonderie Olive was so well served by Roger Excoffon, Deberny & Peignot was served as well in modern times by Cassandre, who designed this and many other faces. Deberny & Peignot introduced Peignot in 1937.

Peignot Medium

Peignot Medium

Versions 1.10
File name peignot.ttf
Copyright © Copyright by URW, 1992. Portions © 1992 Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.
Trademark Peignot ? Trademark of Linotype-Hell AG, and/or subsidiaries.
Font vendor
Unicode ranges
Code pages 869 IBM Greek
437 US
Number of glyphs
Symbol encoded False
Fixed pitch False

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TrueType Font Pack 2 1.10