Transport MT font family


Designed by Carolyn Gibbs & Steve Matteson, this is one of a versatile set of art fonts from Monotype. Trains, planes and automobiles, not to mention a submarine in case you ever need one as a form of transport. These are clear and simple silhouettes of various things that might move you, plus a picture of an anchor for some reason. Great for instant illustrations, icons or bullets.

File name Trans.ttf
Styles & Weights Transport MT
Designers Carolyn Gibbs and Steve Matteson
Copyright Digitized data copyright (C) 1991-1995 Monotype Typography, Inc.. All rights reserved. Monotype? is a trademark of Monotype Typography, Inc. which may be registered in certain jurisdicions.
Font vendor Agfa Monotype Corporation
Script Tags N/A
Code pages Symbol Symbol Character Set
Fixed pitch False

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Style & weight examples

Transport MT

Transport MT