Windows.Devices.Spi Windows.Devices.Spi Windows.Devices.Spi Windows.Devices.Spi Windows.Devices.Spi Namespace

SPI is a high speed interface used to communicate among integrated components on the same board.


For info about providers, see the note at the beginning of the Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider namespace topic.


SpiBusInfo SpiBusInfo SpiBusInfo SpiBusInfo SpiBusInfo

Represents the info about a SPI bus.

SpiConnectionSettings SpiConnectionSettings SpiConnectionSettings SpiConnectionSettings SpiConnectionSettings

Represents the settings for the connection with an SpiDevice.

SpiController SpiController SpiController SpiController SpiController

Represents the SPI controller on the system.

SpiDevice SpiDevice SpiDevice SpiDevice SpiDevice

Represents a device connected through the SPI bus.


ISpiDeviceStatics ISpiDeviceStatics ISpiDeviceStatics ISpiDeviceStatics ISpiDeviceStatics

Represents SPI device statistics common to SPI devices.


SpiMode SpiMode SpiMode SpiMode SpiMode

Defines the SPI communication mode. The communication mode defines the clock edge on which the master out line toggles, the master in line samples, and the signal clock's signal steady level (named SCLK). Each mode is defined with a pair of parameters called clock polarity (CPOL) and clock phase (CPHA).

SpiSharingMode SpiSharingMode SpiSharingMode SpiSharingMode SpiSharingMode

Defines the sharing mode for the SPI bus.

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