Windows.Devices.Spi.Provider Windows.Devices.Spi.Provider Windows.Devices.Spi.Provider Windows.Devices.Spi.Provider Windows.Devices.Spi.Provider Namespace

This API exposes a Provider interface and associated classes for the user to implement for a specific controller. The SPI API needs an SPI Provider implementation to talk to the SPI controller.


For info about providers, see the note at the beginning of the Windows.Devices.Gpio.Provider namespace topic.


ProviderSpiConnectionSettings ProviderSpiConnectionSettings ProviderSpiConnectionSettings ProviderSpiConnectionSettings ProviderSpiConnectionSettings

Represents the provider settings for the connection to a device.


ISpiControllerProvider ISpiControllerProvider ISpiControllerProvider ISpiControllerProvider ISpiControllerProvider

Represents actions common to all SPI controllers.

ISpiDeviceProvider ISpiDeviceProvider ISpiDeviceProvider ISpiDeviceProvider ISpiDeviceProvider

Represents actions common to a device connected through the SPI bus.

ISpiProvider ISpiProvider ISpiProvider ISpiProvider ISpiProvider

Represents actions common to SPI controller providers.


ProviderSpiMode ProviderSpiMode ProviderSpiMode ProviderSpiMode ProviderSpiMode

Defines the SPI communication mode. The communication mode defines the clock edge on which the master out line toggles, the master in line samples, and the signal clock's signal steady level (named SCLK). Each mode is defined with a pair of parameters called clock polarity (CPOL) and clock phase (CPHA).

ProviderSpiSharingMode ProviderSpiSharingMode ProviderSpiSharingMode ProviderSpiSharingMode ProviderSpiSharingMode

Defines the sharing mode for the SPI bus.