Windows UI Library Release Notes

The Windows UI Library (WinUI) is an open source project hosted on GitHub. All new releases are built from the Windows UI Library GitHub repo.

We also welcome bug reports, feature requests and community code contributions in the Windows UI Library repo.

WinUI includes two NuGet packages:

You can download and use WinUI packages in your app using the NuGet package manager: see Getting Started with the Windows UI Library for more information.


The Xaml Controls Gallery sample app includes interactive demos and sample code for using WinUI controls.


How-to articles for Windows UI Library controls are included with the Universal Windows Platform controls documentation.

API reference docs are located here: Windows UI Library APIs.

Version History

Version history for the main Microsoft.UI.Xaml NuGet package:

Microsoft.UI.Xaml NuGet Version Type Release date Release notes Highlights
2.3 stable November 2019 Release Notes Progress Bar Visual Refresh, NumberBox, RadioButtons
2.2 stable August 2019 Release Notes TabView, NavigationView Updates, Visual Style Updates
2.1 stable April 2019 Release Notes First open source release from GitHub.
ItemsRepeater, AnimatedVisualPlayer, TeachingTip, RadioMenuFlyoutItem, CompactDensity, Shadows.
2.0 stable October 2018 Release Notes Initial release.
Includes official native Fluent controls and features for Windows UWP apps.

WinUI 3 Alpha

For information on trying out early previews of WinUI 3 see WinUI 3.0 (Alpha).