Use the Maximum Usage feature to track the number of assigned subscriptions

A new feature in the Visual Studio subscriptions administration portal helps you track how many subscriptions you've purchased and assigned, and identifies the peak number of subscriptions of each level you've assigned, both within the past year and throughout the duration of your agreement(s).

View your maximum usage

To see the peak number of subscriptions assigned for any agreement and subscription level:

  1. Select the agreement you wish to view in the drop-down at the top left of the portal. (If you only have one agreement, it will already be selected.)
  2. Click on the Maximum Usage tab.

    Maximum Usage Menu

  3. The "Maximum Usage Summary" will appear, and the maximum number of subscriptions you've assigned within the past year for each level will be displayed, along with the date on which you reached that peak. If you reached that peak more than once, the first time you reached it will be displayed.

    Maximum Usage Summary

  4. To see the maximum number of subscriptions assigned for the life of the agreement, click the Full-Term tab.

View your assignment history

In addition to seeing the peak assignments for each subscription level, you can see a running account of the activity on the agreement, including purchases and assignments, by clicking the Export full report button.

Maximum Usage Full Report

For each subscription level, the report shows the date you reached a new maximum assignment level and the number of subscriptions you had purchased as of that date, allowing you to easily see any dates where you had overallocations.

For example, in the table above, you can see that on 12/13/2018 there were 123 Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions in the agreement, and 120 were assigned. On 1/8/2019, one more subscription was assigned, bringing the total to 121. The next day, another six subscriptions were assigned, and another four subscriptions were added to the agreement to cover the new assignments.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How is the information in the Maximum Usage different from the assignment information available in the "Overview" section on the left side of the portal?

A: The information in the overview shows the current assignments and available subscriptions for each subscription level. This may be very different from the maximum number of subscriptions assigned for the agreement during the current year or the life of the agreement. The Maximum Usage feature allows you to see when the maximum assignment levels were reached and what the levels were. This is an important distinction, since billing for subscriptions during true-up is based on the maximum number of subscriptions assigned at any point throughout the year.


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