What happens when your subscription expires

Visual Studio subscriptions have specific durations, and unless they are renewed, they will expire. When a subscription expires, the benefits provided by the subscription are impacted in different ways. This article will explain how expiration affects various aspects of a Visual Studio subscription.

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The product downloads page, https://my.visualstudio.com/downloads, will still be available so you can download software, but you will not be able to claim new product keys. Updates, patches, and other tools may still be available on the Microsoft Download Center. Products you have previously downloaded via your subscription are still valid.

Product keys

The product keys page, https://my.visualstudio.com/productkeys, is no longer available. Any product keys you have previously claimed will still function as they normally would. All installation limits remain unaffected.


To ensure that your product keys will be available after your subscription expires, you need to export them before the expiration date of your subscription. To export your keys, connect to the Product Keys page and click the blue **Export all keys" button.


Not all benefits are impacted in the same way when a subscription expires. No benefits may be activated after your subscription expires. Benefits you have previously activated may still be available.

Visual Studio IDE

Most subscriptions provide perpetual licenses for the Visual Studio IDE. Download the Visual Studio Licensing White Paper to determine if your subscription is eligible for perpetual use rights. If your subscription is eligible, you will continue to have access to your current version of the IDE but will not receive updates to future versions. To continue using the IDE after expiration, you will need to go to the product key page and download the product key before your subscription expires. After claiming the key, you'll need to enter it to activate your IDE installation.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps acquired through a Visual Studio subscription will be unavailable.

Azure credits

Monthly Azure credit allotments will continue for a limited time following expiration of your subscription. Unused credits already applied to your Azure subscription in the current month will still be available for your use. If you wish to continue using Azure resources from that subscription after your credits are exhausted, you can either transfer those resources to another Azure subscription or convert your existing subscription to pay-as-you-go.

Other benefits

Many of the benefits included in Visual Studio subscriptions have specific durations. Benefits provided by Microsoft's partners such as Pluralsight, DataCamp, or WhiteSource have time limits once they are activated. Benefits you have previously activated will continue to be available to you for the remainder of their terms. For example, if you have activated a six-month LinkedIn Learning subscription and it still has four months remaining when your Visual Studio subscription expires, you will still have four months of access to the LinkedIn Learning subscription.


  • For assistance with sales, subscriptions, accounts and billing for Visual Studio Subscriptions, see Visual Studio Subscriptions support.

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Next steps

  • To prevent your subscription from expiring, be sure to renew it prior to its expiration date. You can find the expiration date for your subscription(s) at https://my.visualstudio.com/subscriptions.
  • If your subscription is provided to you by your work or school, you may want to contact your subscriptions admin for assistance with your subscription or questions you may have about transferring Azure resources to another subscription, etc.
  • If you would like to purchase a new subscription, you can explore purchasing options on our pricing page.