Windows Vista sAPO Feature Reference

This topic includes reference material that will give you more details about some of the topics discussed earlier. There are four sources of reference material:

  • White papers provide reference information and more details about the runtime behavior of sAPOs, the setup scenarios for detailed studies of the Bass Management and Speaker Fill features, audio system support for multiple devices, and so on. See the Custom Audio Effects in Windows Vista and the Reusing Windows Vista Audio System Effects white papers for more information.

  • The Swap, SpeakerFill, and Compress code samples show additional information about reusing or customizing the default sAPOs.

  • The Readme file that is provided with the sample code package provides a brief description of the key points of the Swap, SpeakerFill, and Compress samples.

  • The MSDN website provides detailed information and tutorials about COM and UI development.

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