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You can help your customers identify quality products that run reliably on Windows-based computers by testing your products and participating in the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program (for Windows 10), or the Windows Hardware Certification Program (for Windows 8/8.1 and older operating systems).

These programs enable you to design, create, and test your product before you submit the final version through the Windows Hardware Dev Center dashboard. The dashboard supports hardware, UWP app, and desktop app development, and it replaces the Windows Quality Online Services (Winqual).

This guide assumes the following:

  • Your company is registered with the dashboard.

    If it isn't, ask your administrator to follow the instructions in Establish a new company.

  • Your company has a code signing certificate that can be used to sign submitted packages.

    If your company doesn't have a code signing certificate, or if you haven't signed your packages, ask your administrator to follow the instructions in Update a code signing certificate.

  • You have a Microsoft account for the dashboard that's associated with your company.

Submitting your products for the compatibility program or certification

After you've developed and tested your product, create a submission package and sign it by using SignTool. The signed package is what you’ll upload to the dashboard. For more information about signing your package, see Update a code signing certificate.

The path that you take depends on the type of package that you're submitting.

To submit a package

After your product passes the review, it becomes eligible for the hardware compatibility or certification program. In addition, you can publish it to the Windows Server Catalog, the Windows Certified Products List, and during the submission process, or later on. You can also distribute your submitted drivers automatically during the submission process, or manually with the Driver Distribution feature.

After you've submitted your product

The dashboard offers the following services after you submit a product.

Service Description


Go to the Reports page to get regularly updated information about the performance of your device.

If your users are having problems, you can create updates and post instructions for them.

Driver distribution

Go to the Driver distribution page to add or update drivers for your device.

Device metadata

Go to the Device metadata page to add or update any images or other metadata for your device.

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