Manage Shipping Labels

Use the following methods to manage shipping labels for your Windows Hardware dashboard submissions. For an introduction to the Microsoft Hardware dashboard APIs, including the prerequisites for using the API, see Hardware dashboard API.{productid}/submissions/{submissionid}/shippingLabels

Methods for managing shipping labels

Description Method URI
Create a new shipping label POST{productid}/submissions/{submissionid}/shippingLabels
Update a shipping label PATCH{productid}/submissions/{submissionid}/shippingLabels/{shippingLabelId}
Cancel a shipping label PUT{productid}/submissions/{submissionid}/shippingLabels/{shippingLabelId/cancel}

Create a new shipping label

  1. If you have not done so already, complete all the prerequisites for the Microsoft Hardware APIs.

  2. Obtain an Azure AD access token. You must pass this access token to the methods in the Microsoft Store submission API. After you obtain an access token, you have 60 minutes to use it before it expires. After the token expires, you can obtain a new one.

  3. You should have created a product and submission in order to create a shipping label. See Manage product submissions for details about creating a product and submission.

  4. Create a new shipping label for this submission by executing the following method. Use the ProductID and SubmissionID created in Manage product submissions during the previous step.{productid}/submissions/{submissionid}/shippingLabels

    The response body contains a shipping label resource which includes the ID for the newly created shipping label and other details.

Code examples

The following code example demonstrates how to use the Microsoft Hardware API:

Data resources

The Microsoft Hardware APIs methods for creating and managing product data use the following JSON data resource:

Error codes

For info about error codes, see Error codes.

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