IMasterClock interface

The IMasterClock interface provides Microsoft DirectMusic streams with access to the current reference time from the master clock. The DMus port driver implements this interface to support accurate timing in the IMXF and IAllocatorMXF interfaces that make up the MIDI-transport part of the filter graph. When calling a DMus miniport driver's IMiniportDMus::NewStream method, the DMus port driver passes an IMasterClock reference as a call parameter. The IMasterClock interface wraps the master clock, as described in Latency Clocks.


The IMasterClock interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IMasterClock also has these types of members:


The IMasterClock interface has these methods.

Method Description
IMasterClock::GetTime The GetTime method retrieves the current reference time read from the master clock.


Target Platform Windows
Header dmusicks.h