The !hidkd.hidppd command displays HID preparsed data.

!hidkd.hidppd ppd


Address of a HIDP_PREPARSED_DATA structure. To get the address of a HIDP_PREPARSED_DATA structure, use !hidfdo or !hidpdo.




This example shows how to use !hidpdo followed by !hidppd. The output of !hidpdo shows the address of a HIDP_PREPARSED_DATA structure.

0: kd> !hidpdo 0xffffe000029f6060
## PDO 0xffffe000029f6060  (!devobj/!devstack)

  Collection Num  : 1
  Name            : \Device\_HID00000000#COLLECTION00000001
  Pre-parsed Data : 0xffffe000029d1010

0: kd> !hidkd.hidppd 0xffffe000029d1010
Reading preparsed data...
Preparsed Data at 0xffffe000029d1010  

## Summary

  UsagePage             : Vendor-defined (0xFFA0)
  Usage                 : 0x01
  Report Length         : 0x2(Input) 0x2(Output) 0x0(Feature)
  Link Collection Nodes : 2
  Button Caps           : 0(Input) 0(Output) 0(Feature)
  Value Caps            : 1(Input) 1(Output) 0(Feature)
  Data Indices          : 1(Input) 1(Output) 0(Feature)

## Input Value Capability #0

  Report ID         : 0x0
  Usage Page        : Vendor-defined (0xFFA1)
  Bit Size          : 0x8
  Report Count      : 0x1

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