.restart (Restart Kernel Connection)

The .restart command restarts the kernel connection.

Do not confuse this command with the .restart (Restart Target Application) command, which works only in user mode.



You can use the .restart command only in KD.


Kernel mode only


Live, crash dump



Additional Information

For more information about reestablishing contact with the target, see Synchronizing with the Target Computer.


The .restart command is similar to the CTRL+R (Re-synchronize) command, except that .restart is even more extensive in its effect. This command is equivalent to ending the debugger and then attaching a new debugger to the target computer.

The .restart command is most useful when you are performing remote debugging through remote.exe and ending and restarting the debugger might be difficult. However, you cannot use .restart from a debugging client if you are performing remote debugging through the debugger.