.restart (Restart Target Application)

The .restart command restarts the target application.

Do not confuse this command with the .restart (Restart Kernel Connection) command, which works only in kernel mode.




User mode only


Live debugging only



Additional Information

For more information about how to issue this command and an overview of related commands, see Controlling the Target.


CDB and WinDbg can restart a target application if the debugger originally created the application. You can use the .restart command even if the target application has already closed.

However, if the application is running and the debugger is later attached to the process, the .restart command has no effect.

After the process is restarted, it immediately breaks into the debugger.

In WinDbg, use the View | WinDbg Command Line command if you started your target from the WinDbg command prompt and you want to review this command line before you decide whether to use .restart.