The !wudfext.wudfdumpobjects extension displays outstanding UMDF objects.

!wudfext.wudfdumpobjects ObjTrackerAddress


Specifies the address to track leaked objects. This address is displayed in the driver-stop message in the debugger when a leak occurs.


Windows 2000


Windows XP with UMDF version 1.7 and later


Additional Information

For more information, see User-Mode Driver Framework Debugging.


If the UMDF object tracking option (TrackObjects) has been enabled in WDF Verifier, you can use !wudfext.wudfdumpobjects to see any leaked objects that remain after the driver unloads.

If the TrackObjects option has been enabled, the address of the object tracker is automatically displayed when a leak is detected. Use this address as ObjTrackerAddress when executing !wudfext.wudfdumpobjects.

This extension can be used at any time, even if UMDF has not broken in to the debugger.

If UMDF is version 1.9 or above, you can use either !wudfext.umdevstack or !wudfext.umdevstacks to determine the address of the object tracker. This address can then be passed to !wudfext.wudfdumpobjects. Here is an example:

0: kd> !umdevstacks 
Number of device stacks: 1
  Device Stack: 0x038c6f08    Pdo Name: \Device\USBPDO-11
    Number of UM devices: 1
    Device 0
      Driver Config Registry Path: WUDFOsrUsbFx2
      UMDriver Image Path: D:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\UMDF\WUDFOsrUsbFx2.dll
      Fx Driver: IWDFDriver 0x3076ff0
      Fx Device: IWDFDevice 0x3082e70
        IDriverEntry: WUDFOsrUsbFx2!CMyDriver 0x0306eff8
      Open UM files (use !umfile <addr> for details): 
      Device XFerMode: CopyImmediately RW: Buffered CTL: Buffered
      Object Tracker Address: 0x03074fd8
        Object   Tracking ON
        Refcount Tracking OFF
    DevStack XFerMode: CopyImmediately RW: Buffered CTL: Buffered

0: kd> !wudfdumpobjects 0x03074fd8 
WdfTypeDriver    Object: 0x03076fb0, Interface: 0x03076ff0
WdfTypeDevice   Object: 0x03082e30, Interface: 0x03082e70
WdfTypeIoTarget Object: 0x03088f50, Interface: 0x03088f90
WdfTypeIoQueue                Object: 0x0308ce58, Interface: 0x0308ce98
WdfTypeIoQueue                Object: 0x03090e58, Interface: 0x03090e98
WdfTypeIoQueue                Object: 0x03092e58, Interface: 0x03092e98
WdfTypeIoTarget Object: 0x03098f40, Interface: 0x03098f80
WdfTypeFile         Object: 0x0309cfa0, Interface: 0x0309cfe0
WdfTypeUsbInterface         Object: 0x030a0f98, Interface: 0x030a0fd8
WdfTypeRequest Object: 0x030a2ef8, Interface: 0x030a2f38
WdfTypeIoTarget Object: 0x030a6f30, Interface: 0x030a6f70
WdfTypeIoTarget Object: 0x030aaf30, Interface: 0x030aaf70
WdfTypeIoTarget Object: 0x030aef30, Interface: 0x030aef70
WdfTypeRequest Object: 0x030c6ef8, Interface: 0x030c6f38
WdfTypeRequest Object: 0x030ceef8, Interface: 0x030cef38
WdfTypeMemoryObject    Object: 0x030d6fb0, Interface: 0x030d6ff0
WdfTypeMemoryObject    Object: 0x030dcfb0, Interface: 0x030dcff0
WdfTypeFile         Object: 0x030e4fa8, Interface: 0x030e4fe8
WdfTypeFile         Object: 0x030e6fa8, Interface: 0x030e6fe8
WdfTypeFile         Object: 0x030e8fa8, Interface: 0x030e8fe8
WdfTypeRequest Object: 0x030eaef8, Interface: 0x030eaf38
WdfTypeMemoryObject    Object: 0x030ecfb0, Interface: 0x030ecff0
WdfTypeMemoryObject    Object: 0x030eefb0, Interface: 0x030eeff0