RCDRKD Extensions

This section describes the RCDRKD debugger extension commands. These commands display WPP trace messages created by drivers. Starting with Windows 8, you no longer need a separate trace message format (TMF) file to parse WPP messages. The TMF information is stored in the regular symbol file (PDB file).

Starting in Windows 10, kernel-mode and user-mode drivers can use Inflight Trace Recorder (IFR) for logging traces. Your kernel-mode driver can use the RCDRKD commands to read messages from the circular buffers, format the messages, and display the messages in the debugger.

Note You cannot use the RCDRKD commands to view UMDF driver logs, UMDF framework logs, and KMDF framework logs. To view those logs, use Windows Driver Framework Extensions (Wdfkd.dll) commands.

The RCDRKD debugger extension commands are implemented in Rcdrkd.dll. To load the RCDRKD commands, enter .load rcdrkd.dll in the debugger.

The following two commands are the primary commands for displaying trace messages.

The following auxiliary commands provide services related to displaying and saving trace messages.

The !rcdrkd.rcdrhelp displays help for the RCDRKD commands in the debugger.

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