UMDF Verifier Properties for Driver Package Projects

Sets the properties for the UMDF Verifier on a test computer. You can use these settings when you build and deploy a driver to a test computer.

For information about deployment, see Provision a computer for driver deployment and testing (WDK 8.1) and Deploying a Driver to a Test Computer

For information about debugging UMDF drivers, see How to Enable Debugging of a UMDF Driver and WDF Verifier Control Application.

Setting UMDF Verifier properties for driver projects

  1. Open the property pages for your driver package. Right-click the driver package project in Solution Explorer and select Properties.
  2. In the property pages for the driver package, click Configuration Properties, click Driver Install, and then click UMDF Verifier.
  3. Select the Deploy UMDF Verifier option. When this option is enabled (Yes), you can select the UMDF Verifier options to use on the test computer to verify a UMDF driver.
Option Description

Deploy UMDF Verifier

Enables the UMDF verifier settings on the test computer.

UMDF Service Names

Specifies the service names of the UMDF drivers to monitor.

Enable Object Tracking

Tracks all created UMDF objects.

Enable Reference Count Tracking

Tracks all UMDF object references.

Maximum Restart Attempts

Maximum number of times UMDF will restart a failed host process.

UMDF Logging level

Specifies the amount of information logged by the UMDF verifier for the drivers it is hosting.

Only Critical and Fatal Errors - Logs only critical and fatal errors.

All Errors - Logs all errors.

Warnings and all Errors - Logs warnings and all errors.

Informational events, Warnings and all Errors - Logs informational events, warnings, and all errors.

Verbose Output (All Events of any Sort) - Logs all events.

Log to Kernel Debugger

Logs verifier output to the kernel debugger.

Break into Kernel Debugger

Break into kernel debugger when the UMDF host process fails.

Attach to Kernel Debugger

Attaches to the kernel debugger if no user-mode debugger is attached.

Timeout on Driver Load (sec)

Specifies the time to wait (in seconds) before attaching the debugger after the driver loads.

Timeout on Driver Start (sec)

Specifies the time to wait (in seconds) before attaching the debugger after the driver starts.

Verify at Current Level

Verifies drivers built using earlier versions of the framework against current framework versions rules.

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