Writing a Device Installation Application

Note  Features described in this section are not supported in universal or mobile driver packages. See Using a Universal INF File.

If your driver package includes drivers and INF files that replace "inbox" drivers and INF files, or if your package includes device-specific applications, it should include a device installation application that installs those components. The device installation application and distribution medium should be compatible with AutoRun, so that AutoRun starts the application automatically when a user inserts your distribution medium. For more information about AutoRun, see Creating an AutoRun-Enabled Application.

For guidelines about how to write a device installation application, see Guidelines for Writing Device Installation Applications.

Your driver package must handle two situations:

  1. The user plugs in your hardware before inserting your distribution medium. This is commonly referred to as a hardware-first installation.

  2. The user inserts your distribution medium before plugging in your hardware. This is commonly referred to as a software-first installation.