Implementing an NDIS 6.20 Driver

An NDIS 6.20 driver must report the correct NDIS version when it registers with NDIS.

You must update the major and minor NDIS version number in the NDIS_Xxx_DRIVER_CHARACTERISTICS structure to support NDIS 6.20. The MajorNdisVersion member must contain 6 and the MinorNdisVersion member must contain 20. This requirement applies to miniport, protocol, and filter drivers. You must also update the version information for the compiler, see Compiling an NDIS 6.20 Driver.

The NDIS 6.20 power management services are mandatory for NDIS 6.20 and later miniport drivers. For more information about the NDIS 6.20 power management interface, see Power Management Enhancements in NDIS 6.20.

The NDIS direct OID request interface is mandatory for NDIS 6.20 and later miniport drivers. For more information about the direct OIDs interface, see Direct OID Request Interface in NDIS 6.1.

To inform NDIS and overlying drivers about device and driver capabilities, NDIS 6.20 and later drivers must implement the NDIS 6.20 device capability interfaces for the following features:

NDIS 6.20 and later drivers must support receive side throttle (RST) in receive interrupts. For more information about RST, see Receive Side Throttle in NDIS 6.20.

Replace code that uses obsolete interfaces with the NDIS 6.20 equivalents. For more information about obsolete functions, see Obsolete Interfaces in NDIS 6.20. For information about updating structures to support NDIS 6.20 versions, see Using NDIS 6.20 Data Structures.

Use NDIS interfaces that support more than 64 processors, for example, use the NDIS 6.20 read and write lock interface. For more information about support for more than 64 processors, see Support for More than 64 Processors in NDIS 6.20.