PostScript Printer Standard Features

The PostScript printer standard features are the common ones that are provided by most PostScript printers.

The standard features are identified by predefined names that the PPD language recognizes, and the following table shows the mappings between the feature names and the standard keyword used in the PPD files.

Feature name Default Print Schema feature keyword Description Comments


  • true

  • false


Page collation

  • Collated

  • Uncollated


If not specified, collation is not supported.

JCLResolution PageResolution Page resolution At least one kind of Resolution feature (JCLResolution or Resolution) is required. At least one option must be specified.


  • DuplexTumble

  • DuplexNoTumble

  • Any other option


Two-sided printing

  • TwoSidedShortEdge

  • TwoSidedLongEdge

  • OneSided


If not specified, only single sided printing is supported.

InputSlot JobInputBin Types of input bins


Customized input bin names must be 24 characters or less.

MediaType PageMediatype Types of printing media


If not specified, the printer’s default medium is always used.

OutputBin JobOutputBin Types of output bins


If not specified, the print system does not attempt to select an output bin.

PageSize PageMediaSize Paper sizes


At least one option must be specified.

Stapling JobStapleAllDocuments Stapling types Optional

Pscript Minidrivers
Standard Options

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