bitsadmin sethelpertokenflags

Sets the usage flags for a helper token that is associated with a BITS transfer job.

BITS 3.0 and earlier: Not supported.


bitsadmin /SetHelperTokenFlags <Job> <Flags>


Parameter Description
Job The job's display name or GUID.
Flags Possible values include the following. 0x0001—The helper token is used to open the local file of an upload job, to create or rename the temporary file of a download job, or to create or rename the reply file of an upload-reply job. 0x0002—The helper token is used to open the remote file of a Server Message Block (SMB) upload or download job, or in response to an HTTP server or proxy challenge for implicit NTLM or Kerberos credentials. You must call /SetCredentialsJob TargetScheme NULL NULL to allow the credentials to be sent over HTTP.

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