bitsadmin sethelpertokenflags

Sets the usage flags for a helper token that is associated with a BITS transfer job.


This command isn't supported by BITS 3.0 and earlier.


bitsadmin /sethelpertokenflags <job> <flags>


Parameter Description
job The job's display name or GUID.
flags Possible helper token values, including:
  • 0x0001. Used to open the local file of an upload job, to create or rename the temporary file of a download job, or to create or rename the reply file of an upload-reply job.
  • 0x0002. Used to open the remote file of a Server Message Block (SMB) upload or download job, or in response to an HTTP server or proxy challenge for implicit NTLM or Kerberos credentials.
You must call /setcredentialsjob targetscheme null null to send the credentials over HTTP.

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