Client management

Applies to

  • Windows 10

Learn about the administrative tools, tasks and best practices for managing Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile clients across your enterprise.

Topic Description
Administrative Tools in Windows 10 Links to documentation for tools for IT pros and advanced users in the Administrative Tools folder.
Connect to remote AADJ PCs Instructions for connecting to a remote PC joined to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)
Group policies for enterprise and education editions Listing of all group policy settings that apply specifically to Windows 10 Enterprise and Education editions
Join Windows 10 Mobile to AAD Describes the considerations and options for using Windows 10 Mobile with Azure AD in your organization.
Manage corporate devices Listing of resources to manage all your corporate devices running Windows 10 : desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones
Transitioning to modern ITPro management Describes modern Windows 10 ITPro management scenarios across traditional, hybrid and cloud-based enterprise needs
Mandatory user profiles Instructions for managing settings commonly defined in a mandatory profiles, including (but are not limited to): icons that appear on the desktop, desktop backgrounds, user preferences in Control Panel, printer selections, and more.
New policies for Windows 10 Listing of new group policy settings available in Windows 10
Reset a Windows 10 Mobile device Instructions for resetting a Windows 10 Mobile device using either factory or 'wipe and persist' reset options
Deploy Windows 10 Mobile Considerations and instructions for deploying Windows 10 Mobile
Windows libraries Considerations and instructions for managing Windows 10 libraries such as My Documents, My Pictures, and My Music.
Change history for Client management This topic lists new and updated topics in the Client management documentation for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.