Accounts CSP

The table below shows the applicability of Windows:

Edition Windows 10 Windows 11
Home No No
Pro Yes Yes
Windows SE No Yes
Business Yes Yes
Enterprise Yes Yes
Education Yes Yes

The Accounts configuration service provider (CSP) is used by the enterprise (1) to rename a device, (2) to create a new local Windows account and join it to a local user group. This CSP was added in Windows 10, version 1803, and later.

The following syntax shows the Accounts configuration service provider in tree format.


Root node.

Interior node for the account domain information.

This node specifies the DNS hostname for a device. This setting can be managed remotely, but this remote management isn't supported for devices hybrid joined to Azure Active Directory and an on-premises Active directory. The server must explicitly reboot the device for this value to take effect. A couple of macros can be embedded within the value for dynamic substitution. Using any of these macros will limit the new name to 15 characters.

Available naming macros:

Macro Description Example Generated Name
%RAND:<# of digits> Generates the specified number of random digits. Test%RAND:6% Test123456
%SERIAL% Generates the serial number derived from the device. If the serial number causes the new name to exceed the 15 character limit, the serial number will be truncated from the beginning of the sequence. Test-Device-%SERIAL% Test-Device-456

Supported operation is Add.


For desktop PCs on Windows 10, version 2004 or later, use the Ext/Microsoft/DNSComputerName node in DevDetail CSP.

Interior node for the user account information.

This node specifies the username for a new local user account. This setting can be managed remotely.

This node specifies the password for a new local user account. This setting can be managed remotely.

Supported operation is Add. GET operation isn't supported. This setting will report as failed when deployed from the Endpoint Manager.

This optional node specifies the local user group that a local user account should be joined to. If the node isn't set, the new local user account is joined just to the Standard Users group. Set the value to 2 for Administrators group. This setting can be managed remotely.

Supported operation is Add.

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