Software inventory

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Microsoft Defender ATP Threat & Vulnerability management's discovery capability shows in the Software inventory page. The software inventory includes the name of the product or vendor, the latest version it is in, and the number of weaknesses and vulnerabilities detected with it.

  1. Select Software inventory from the Threat & Vulnerability management navigation menu.
  2. In the Software inventory page, select the application that you want to investigate and a flyout panel opens up with the software details, vendor information, prevalence in the organization, exposed machines, threat context, and its impact to your organization's exposure score.
  3. In the flyout panel, select Open software page to dive deeper into your software inventory. You will see how many weaknesses are discovered with the application, devices exposed, installed machines, version distribution, and the corresponding security recommendations for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities identified.

How it works

In the field of discovery, we are leveraging the same set of signals in Microsoft Defender ATP's endpoint detection and response that's responsible for detection, for vulnerability assessment.

Since it is real-time, in a matter of minutes, you will see vulnerability information as they get discovered. The engine automatically grabs information from multiple security feeds. In fact, you'll will see if a particular application is connected to a live campaign. It also provides a link to a Threat Analytics report soon as it's available.