ADSI Enumerations

Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) define and use the enumerations listed in the following table.

Enumeration Description
ADS_ACEFLAG_ENUM Specifies how security propagates for inherited access-control entries (ACEs) and types of auditing for a system ACE.
ADS_ACETYPE_ENUM Specifies the ACE type.
ADS_AUTHENTICATION_ENUM Specifies the security level used in authenticating a client.
ADS_CHASE_REFERRALS_ENUM Specifies the behavior of referral chasing.
ADS_DEREFENUM Specifies the behavior of alias dereferencing.
ADS_DISPLAY_ENUM Specifies how a path is displayed.
ADS_ESCAPE_MODE_ENUM Specifies whether special characters are escaped, unescaped, or untouched.
ADS_FLAGTYPE_ENUM Specifies the presence of the ObjectType or InheritedObjectType fields in an ACE.
ADS_FORMAT_ENUM Specifies the type of values in a pathname object.
ADS_GROUP_TYPE_ENUM Specifies the group type of the member.
ADS_NAME_INITTYPE_ENUM Specifies the type of initialization to be performed on a name translate object.
ADS_NAME_TYPE_ENUM Specifies the format used to represent distinguished names.
ADS_OPTION_ENUM Specifies the available options that the IADsObjectOptions interface uses for manipulating directory objects.
ADS_PASSWORD_ENCODING_ENUM Used to identify the type of password encoding used with the ADS_OPTION_PASSWORD_METHOD option in the IADsObjectOptions::GetOption and IADsObjectOptions::SetOption methods.
ADS_PATHTYPE_ENUM Specifies the type of object on which the security descriptor is modified.
ADS_PREFERENCES_ENUM Specifies the query preferences of the OLE DB for ADSI.
ADS_PROPERTY_OPERATION_ENUM Specifies the ways to update property values in the property cache.
ADS_RIGHTS_ENUM Specifies the access rights to a directory service object.
ADS_SCOPEENUM Specifies the scope of a directory search.
ADS_SD_CONTROL_ENUM Specifies that an access-control list (ACL) is to be protected when new permissions are recursively applied to a directory tree.
ADS_SD_FORMAT_ENUM Specifies the format for converting the security descriptor.
ADS_SD_REVISION_ENUM Specifies the revision number of an ACE or ACL.
ADS_SEARCHPREF_ENUM Specifies preferences of the search.
ADS_SECURITY_INFO_ENUM Specifies the options for examining security data.
ADS_SETTYPE_ENUM Specifies the path format in IADsPathname::Set.
ADS_STATUSENUM Specifies the status of search preferences.
ADS_SYSTEMFLAG_ENUM Specifies the types of attributes represented by an attributeSchema object.
ADS_USER_FLAG_ENUM Specifies flags used for manipulating user properties.
ADSI_DIALECT_ENUM Specifies available ADSI query dialects.
ADSTYPEENUM Specifies data types used to interpret an ADSI extended syntax string.



Because Visual Basic Scripting Edition applications cannot read data from a type library, VBScript applications cannot recognize symbolic constants as defined in these enumerations. Use the numeric constants instead to set the appropriate flags in a VBScript applications. To use the symbolic constants as a good programming practice, write explicit declarations of such constants, as done here, in VBScript applications.