Adding Source Nodes with TopoEdit

A source node represents a stream in a media file. To create a source node in TopoEdit, you specify a media file. TopoEdit enumerates the streams in the file and creates the appropriate source nodes.

For information about adding source nodes programmatically by using Media Foundation APIs, see Creating Source Nodes.

To add a source node to a topology

  1. On the Topology menu, click Add Source.

    The Select Media Source dialog box opens.

  2. Navigate to the folder where the media file is located.

  3. In the File name: field, enter the name of the file.

  4. Click Open.

TopoEdit creates source nodes for the streams. The Topology Pane shows the source node contained in a grey box that shows the name of the media file. The source node shows the stream type of the node.

Building Topologies by Using TopoEdit