IRTC interface

The IRTC interface provides the methods used to connect the NPP to the network, capture network traffic, retrieve statistics, and disconnect the NPP from the network. IRTC gets an interface to local-only entry points, which are necessary to engage in real-time capture. This interface includes a method that hands off a callback to the NPP.


The IRTC interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IRTC also has these types of members:


The IRTC interface has these methods.

Method Description
Configure Sets the trigger, pattern match, and buffer size of the capture.
Connect Connects the NPP to the network.
Disconnect Disconnects the NPP from the network.
GetControlState Retrieves the state of the capture, which indicates if the capture is running or paused.
GetConversationStatistics Retrieves session and station information for the current capture.
GetTotalStatistics Extracts time, buffer, driver, and other network statistics from the currently running capture.
Pause Temporarily stops the current capture.
QueryStations Retrieves a list of all computers on a subnet that are using Network Monitor to capture network data.
QueryStatus Retrieves the status of the NPP.
Resume Restarts a paused capture.
Start Starts a capture.
Stop Stops the current capture.


Requirement Value
Minimum supported client
Windows 2000 Professional [desktop apps only]
Minimum supported server
Windows 2000 Server [desktop apps only]