Using Windows Media Player with Netscape 7.1

The Netscape 7.1 Web browser provides native support for Windows Media Player ActiveX controls by using the Gecko ActiveX Component. This means you can embed the Windows Media Player control in your webpages for Netscape 7.1 by using the same syntax you would use for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Netscape 7.1 also supports scripting the control and event handling in a similar fashion.

If you wish to use the Windows Media Player control in Netscape, it is recommended that you use Netscape 7.1.

For more information about using the Windows Media Player control with Netscape 7.1, see the Netscape website.

For more information about the Gecko ActiveX component, see the website.

The full download of this SDK includes a sample that demonstrates Web browser detection. For more information about samples included with the SDK, see Samples.

Using the Windows Media Player Control in a Web Page