BlobStates Enum


Specifies states to be used to determine the blobs that will be included when using the GetBlobsAsync(BlobTraits, BlobStates, String, CancellationToken) and GetBlobsByHierarchyAsync(BlobTraits, BlobStates, String, String, CancellationToken) operations.

This enumeration supports a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum BlobStates
type BlobStates = 
Public Enum BlobStates


All -1

Flag specifying that blobs of all states should be included.

Deleted 4

Flag specifying that soft deleted blobs should be included in the response.

DeletedWithVersions 16

Flag specifying to list blobs that were deleted with versioning enabled.

None 0

Default flag specifying that no flags are set in BlobStates.

Snapshots 1

Flag specifying that the blob's snapshots should be included. Snapshots are listed from oldest to newest.

Uncommitted 2

Flag specifying that blobs for which blocks have been uploaded, but which have not been committed using CommitBlockListAsync(IEnumerable<String>, CommitBlockListOptions, CancellationToken) should be included.

Version 8

Flag specifying that the blob's version should be included. Versions are listed from oldest to newest.

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