BindingSource.SortProperty BindingSource.SortProperty BindingSource.SortProperty BindingSource.SortProperty Property


Obtient le PropertyDescriptor utilisé actuellement pour trier la liste.Gets the PropertyDescriptor that is being used for sorting the list.

 virtual property System::ComponentModel::PropertyDescriptor ^ SortProperty { System::ComponentModel::PropertyDescriptor ^ get(); };
public virtual System.ComponentModel.PropertyDescriptor SortProperty { get; }
member this.SortProperty : System.ComponentModel.PropertyDescriptor
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property SortProperty As PropertyDescriptor

Valeur de propriété

Si la liste est un IBindingList, le PropertyDescriptor utilisé pour trier ; sinon, null.If the list is an IBindingList, the PropertyDescriptor that is being used for sorting; otherwise, null.



Si la liste n’est pas IBindingListune SortProperty , retourne nulltoujours.If the list is not an IBindingList, SortProperty always returns null.

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