Electronic Banking in Norway

Business Central includes Norwegian enhancements to electronic banking. You can use this functionality to perform the following operations:

  • Receive electronic payments based on an optical character recognition (OCR) payment ID.
  • Print Kunde ID (KID) numbers on sales and receivables documents.
  • Send electronic payments to vendors.

Customer Identification Numbers

Kunde ID (KID) is a customer identification number that provides a payment reference to the vendor and ensures that the vendor is posting the payment correctly. If the vendor documents include the KID number, you should use this number as there may be a higher cost for the payment if you do not.

The KID can be entered in the following locations:

  • Sales invoices
  • Finance charge memos
  • Reminders
  • Purchase orders
  • Purchase invoices
  • Purchase journals
  • Remittance journals


The KID cannot be used for credit memos. If a credit memo is part of the payment, invoices in the same payment must be treated as payments without a KID.

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