Run Included Tests with App Center


Install App Center Command Line Interface

  1. Install Node.js version 6.3 or later.

  2. Open the terminal and run the command below to install the App Center CLI:

    npm install -g appcenter-cli
  3. Run the command below and follow the directions to log in to App Center:

    appcenter login

Build the project and test APK files

  1. Open terminal and go to the project directory.

  2. Run each of the following commands:

    ./gradlew assembleDebug
    ./gradlew assembleDebugAndroidTest

Prepare to run tests in App Center

  1. Go to the Test service in App Center.

  2. Click on Start testing your app.

  3. Select the first device, the Google Pixel XL, and press Select one device at the bottom.

  4. Choose Espresso as the Test framework.

  5. Click Next.

Run the tests

  1. In the Submit step, copy the custom command under Running tests.

  2. Paste it into terminal while in the project directory.


--app-path should point to a mobile app apk and --build-dir should point to where the test apk is located at.

  1. Navigate into sampleapp-android/app/build/outputs/apk.

  2. Copy the pathname and replace the placeholder text pathToEspressoBuildFolder in the custom command with the pathname text.

  3. Copy the pathname to app-debug-androidTest.apk and replace the placeholder text pathToFile.apk in the custom command with the pathname text.

  4. Run the command. You'll see the tests begin to run.

  5. In App Center, click Done to close the panel.