Build - Sample Swift App and Tutorials

In this tutorial, you will learn to build a sample Swift app in App Center.

First, follow the getting started tutorial to set up the sample app.


Set up the repository

  1. Go to the Build service in App Center.

  2. Choose GitHub as the service to Build with.

  3. Sign in to GitHub, and click Authorize AppCenter.

  4. Choose sampleapp-macos-swift.

Configure the build

  1. Choose the master branch.

  2. Click Configure build. The Build configuration panel will show up.

  3. If the code is signed, turn Sign build on. Upload your Provisioning Profile and Certificate, which can be found in the Apple Developer Center. This will let you distribute the app later.

    Signing Builds

    If your build fails because of a codesigning error: double check that all your changes have been pushed to the remote repository.

  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page, and the build will begin.

The build can take a couple minutes, but you can click on it to view real-time output logs. Afterwards, if the build is successful, you can download the build, symbols, or logs by clicking Download.

Every time you push code to a configured branch, a build will automatically begin. This helps you continuously deliver apps by making sure the latest changes to your app can build.