ActivityTrackPoint.MatchingLocations ActivityTrackPoint.MatchingLocations ActivityTrackPoint.MatchingLocations ActivityTrackPoint.MatchingLocations Property


ランタイム追跡インフラストラクチャによる追跡ポイントの照合に含めるべき場所のコレクションを取得します。Gets the collection of locations that should be included in matching for the track point by the runtime tracking infrastructure.

 property System::Workflow::Runtime::Tracking::ActivityTrackingLocationCollection ^ MatchingLocations { System::Workflow::Runtime::Tracking::ActivityTrackingLocationCollection ^ get(); };
public System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking.ActivityTrackingLocationCollection MatchingLocations { get; }
member this.MatchingLocations : System.Workflow.Runtime.Tracking.ActivityTrackingLocationCollection
Public ReadOnly Property MatchingLocations As ActivityTrackingLocationCollection


追跡ポイントの照合の対象となる場所を指定する ActivityTrackingLocationCollectionAn ActivityTrackingLocationCollection that specifies the locations to be matched for the track point. 既定値は空のコレクションです。The default is an empty collection.

MatchingLocations プロパティにアクセスする例を次に示します。The following example demonstrates accessing the MatchingLocations property. この例は、TrackingProfileDesigner SDK のサンプルです。This example is from the TrackingProfileDesigner SDK sample. 詳細については、次を参照してください。追跡プロファイル デザイナーのサンプルします。For more information, see Tracking Profile Designer Sample.

/// <summary>
/// Saves a tracking condition for an activity
/// </summary>
/// <param name="activity"></param>
/// <param name="key"></param>
/// <param name="member"></param>
/// <param name="op"></param>
/// <param name="value"></param>
internal void SaveTrackingCondition(Activity activity, ref ActivityTrackingCondition key, string member, ComparisonOperator op, string value)
    ActivityTrackPoint trackPoint = GetTrackPointForActivity(activity);
    if (trackPoint != null)
        if (key == null)
            key = new ActivityTrackingCondition();
        key.Member = member;
        key.Value = value;
        key.Operator = op;
' Saves a tracking condition for an activity
' <param name="activity"></param>
' <param name="key"></param>
' <param name="member"></param>
' <param name="op"></param>
' <param name="value"></param>
Friend Sub SaveTrackingCondition(ByVal activity As Activity, ByRef key As ActivityTrackingCondition, ByVal member As String, ByVal op As ComparisonOperator, ByVal value As String)
    Dim trackPoint As ActivityTrackPoint = GetTrackPointForActivity(activity)
    If trackPoint IsNot Nothing Then
        If (key Is Nothing) Then
            key = New ActivityTrackingCondition()
        End If
        key.Member = member
        key.Value = value
        key.Operator = op
    End If
End Sub


MatchingLocations が空の場合は、ランタイム追跡インフラストラクチャで追跡ポイントを照合できません。If MatchingLocations is empty, the track point cannot be matched by the runtime tracking infrastructure. ActivityTrackingLocation を一致させるには、1 つ以上の MatchingLocationsActivityTrackPoint に追加する必要があります。You must add at least one ActivityTrackingLocation to MatchingLocations for the ActivityTrackPoint to participate in matching.

ActivityTrackingLocation 内のいずれかの MatchingLocations がランタイム追跡インフラストラクチャによって照合され、ActivityTrackingLocation 内の ExcludedLocations が照合されない場合には、追跡ポイントが照合されます。The track point will be matched if any ActivityTrackingLocation in MatchingLocations is matched by the runtime tracking infrastructure and no ActivityTrackingLocation in ExcludedLocations is matched.