Microsoft 365 Business Premium — cybersecurity for small business

Let us begin by saying that you made a wise choice in adopting Microsoft 365 Business Premium and its world class productivity tools. Designed with cybersecurity in mind, Microsoft 365 Business Premium safeguard's your data, devices and information. You are your org's first and best defense against hackers and cyberattackers, including random individuals, organized crime, or highly-sophisticated nation states.

The task before you is this — let Microsoft 365 Business Premium help secure your organization’s future! Approach this task by taking on the following missions which will help you fortify your environment, train your team, and safeguard managed devices. The missions are categorized in order of importance, and completing them is the most effective way to thwart hackers, protect against ransomware, and ensure your organization’s future is safeguarded with the best cybersecurity defenses. Let's get started.

Click through the tabs below to learn about each mission and how to set up Microsoft 365 Business Premium security.

In these first missions, sign in and set up your initial walls of defense, starting with account access protections.

Set up your environment. This mission requires you to set up and implement security across all accounts in the system.

Bump up cybersecurity protections. Set up critical front-line security measures to prevent cyberattacks.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium protects your apps, file storage, email, devices, and identities,.

Cybersecurity playbook

The guidance in these missions is based upon the zero trust methodology and helps your business achieve the goals described in the Harvard Kennedy School Cybersecurity Campaign Playbook. A summary is available for you to download.

Click the infographic to see a larger version, or Download a copy of the Cybersecurity playbook poster!

The Cybersecurity Playbook

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How Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps you

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Next steps

Now, let's fortify your environment against cyberattackers!


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