What is Partner Center?

Appropriate roles

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Partner Center streamlines several business processes to make it easier for Microsoft partners to manage their relationship with Microsoft and their customers. Partner Center allows you easy access to the tools you need to get work done. Use Partner Center to:

  • Manage your Microsoft account and users
  • Engage with customers
  • Build relationships with other partners
  • Enroll in incentive programs
  • Manage your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Manage customer subscriptions
  • Bill and get paid
  • Contact support
  • Publish or explore offers in the Microsoft commercial marketplace that is a catalog of thousands of customer-facing transactable services and applications built and delivered by our independent software vendor (ISV) partners.

Partner Center overview

Manage your account

Whether you're a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program or a developer partner selling your apps, you manage your Partner Center account from one account settings location from the Partner Center dashboard. From your account, you take care of your legal information, tax details, your tenants, business locations, users and permissions, and specific programs in which your company is enrolled.

What you see in Partner Center and what you can edit and manage depends on your role and your permissions. Learn more in Roles and permissions

Settings menu.

Membership programs

Within Partner Center, you can purchase a Microsoft Action Pack that will provide you with Microsoft software and tools you can use to develop expertise. Develop skills toward attaining competencies and earning advanced specializations. The benefits included with these programs that help you build solutions and go to market can be reviewed and managed within Partner Center.

Connect with customers

Build your business profile to display your company's areas of expertise. Highlight your technical and solution-area expertise, showcase the breadth and depth of your skills, and lead in new market opportunities. Through Partner Center, partners have increased access to marketing resources to help them accelerate time to market, generate leads, and grow their cloud business. The commercial marketplace product catalog which includes Microsoft AppSource, Azure Marketplace, enables you to offer information and in-product purchase experiences. Your solutions are listed in our online stores, alongside our own Microsoft solutions, connecting you with businesses, organizations, and government agencies around the world. To learn more about referrals read Manage different leads like customer inquiries, marketing-qualified leads, and sales-qualified leads. To learn more about your business profile, read Create a business profile.

Co-sell with Microsoft and other partners

Co-selling is the path for partners to jointly sell with Microsoft and other partners for collaborative, better-together selling and positive customer outcomes. Through co-selling, you can leverage the Microsoft global brand, sales teams, demand-generation capabilities, and the commercial marketplace to reach new customers worldwide and sell both with other partners and with us. Learn more, Manage co-sell opportunities.

Manage your customers' software needs

As the trusted partner, you play a critical role in all stages of the customer lifecycle, regardless of how customers choose to purchase Microsoft software and services. If your customer gives you administrative privileges you'll be able to deploy and manage subscriptions, maintain performance, set up their users, and create support tickets for them if necessary. Partner Center now has quicker and easier access to Microsoft support on-demand, to help you better solve challenges and meet customer needs. Learn more about offering customer support.

Maintain a secure environment

With Azure Active Directory as a main element of your Partner Center account, you can ensure that your team uses multi-factor authentication to keep data secure. Privacy safeguards and security are among our top priorities. We know that the best defense is prevention and that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Security and privacy is why we need everyone in our ecosystem to act to ensure appropriate security protections are in place.

Data and analytics

From the Partner Center dashboard, you can access several different types of data reports.

  • Partner Contribution Indicators (PCI) show partner impact on seven key measures of customer success
  • Partner Insights data reports identify where your sales are high, help you find out which customers have deployed their subscriptions or need support, and provide data on how well the products you sell are doing.

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