How Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces works


The name of the Dynamics 365 Connected Store app has changed to "Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces." You may still see "Connected Store" in a few places in the user interface while we make updates.

Dynamics 365 Connected Spaces consists of the Connected Spaces web app, an Azure cloud service, Microsoft Dataverse, and camera hardware that you install in your store.

Illustration of retail store, Azure cloud service and Power Platorm components.

In each of your retail stores, you:

  • Install and activate an Azure Stack Edge Pro (2 GPU) gateway. The gateway receives video from the cameras connected to it, analyzes it, and transforms your customer activity into pseudonymous datapoints.

  • Create a store, pair the gateway to the store, and configure your store’s cameras to track activity in the store.

The cloud service:

  • Receives and stores the stream of datapoints.

  • Processes the datapoints into aggregated observational data.

  • Sends the processed data on a regular basis to Microsoft Dataverse in your Microsoft Power Platform environment.

  • Processes and sends video streams and video stream metadata to Microsoft Dataverse in your Microsoft Power Platform environment. Customers can choose to have their video data streamed to Microsoft Dataverse.

The Power Platform environment:

  • Stores the incoming data and makes it available for Connected Spaces, where you can view analytics reports about activity in your stores.

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