Overview of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection features

Today's digitally transformed enterprise conducts most of its business online and in real time. Little human intervention is involved. Although this approach helps reduce costs and improve the customer experience, it also exposes the enterprise to serious threats of fraud from sophisticated users who try to take advantage of the online channel's relative anonymity and accessibility. For example, in e-commerce, some transactions are maliciously created via compromised accounts and stolen payment instruments. Other malicious activities might include account takeover, abuse of free trials, fake product reviews, warranty fraud, refund fraud, reseller fraud, abuse of program discounts. All these activities, and others, can affect the enterprise's profitability and reputation.

Some types of fraud, such as money laundering, even have serious consequences for society at large.

Because fraudsters who engage in online fraud and abuse reap a high return on investment, it's likely that most of an enterprise's vulnerabilities will be discovered and exploited. Additionally, unlike during the early years of the internet, today's fraudulent transactions can be orchestrated by well-funded and well-equipped rings of professionals. Fraud protection professionals are best equipped to fight this threat.

Our mission

Our mission is to help enterprises fight fraud and abuse while they keep their doors open for genuine customers and partners.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection initially focused on payment fraud protection. It helped enable an e-commerce merchant drive down fraud loss, increase bank acceptance rates to yield higher revenue, and improve the online shopping experience of its customers. In subsequent release waves, we have added several new features to enhance this capability based on customer feedback. We are lighting up a new set of capabilities called loss prevention that help brick and mortar retail store operations fight fraud and abuse by reducing shrinkage losses and improving store efficiencies. We have significantly expanded the account creation protection capability portfolio via a new set of capabilities called account protection.

How Fraud Protection helps you protect your business

Microsoft has many years of experience protecting our own e-commerce businesses from fraud. We have developed a sophisticated technology stack that uses connected big data across multiple lines of business and applies cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to help provide more accurate decisions in real time.

By using Fraud Protection, you can help protect your business from fraud through several innovative and advanced capabilities. Here are some examples:

These capabilities are part of a comprehensive set of features that are grouped into three user experiences to help accelerate your journey toward a more comprehensive fraud protection environment:

  • Evaluate – Use this experience to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of Fraud Protection relative to your current fraud protection solution.
  • Protect – Use this experience to customize business rules to obtain recommendations for your e-commerce transaction decisions.
Capability Diagnose Evaluate Protect
Keep the security of your confidential information and shoppers' privacy top of mind. X X
Understand the conditions of your business. Diagnose and analyze the state of your fraud protection. X X
Send transactions through application programming interfaces (APIs) in real time, and gain risk insights through inline evaluation that includes explanations. X X
Use the scorecard to understand the performance of Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection. Compare Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to your existing fraud solution. X X
Upload your historical data to tune the machine learning to your business scenarios. Extend and tailor Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection to the needs of your business. X X
Reap the benefits of AI, and derive insights from the fraud protection network. X X
Configure lists and rules to shape real-time decision making. X X
Use the virtual fraud analyst to configure optimal risk score thresholds. X X
Use the graph explorer to investigate fraud and do linkage analysis. X X
Use device fingerprinting to help identify devices that engage with your business and better protect against fraud. X X
Use the customer (risk) support tool to evaluate and act on customer escalations for risk-related rejections. X X
Use the transaction acceptance booster to help improve bank acceptance. X
Make Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection your solution of record. X