Send user notifications in Privacy Risk Management

Privacy Risk Management in Microsoft Priva can directly notify content owners about matches for your data overexposure, data minimization, and data transfer policies. With email notifications, your users can easily find out about content that they need to review, and can use prompts right in the email to apply the appropriate corrective actions. These emails also include links to your own privacy training. For data transfer policies, you can also share notifications and policy tips in Teams channels.

Prepare training content for policy notifications

Including a link to privacy training is required for policies that generate notifications. Providing access to your organization's privacy guidelines enables you to keep your users informed about your own best practices and policies. It can also give context for the suggested remediation actions in the email, and help your users prepare for good data management decisions in the future.

Before setting up your policy, decide on the training URL you wish to include. One link can be provided per policy, so we recommend choosing references specific to each scenario.

Set up email notifications for policies

Email notifications can be configured when creating a custom policy or editing any policy. See Create policies in Privacy Risk Management for the complete instructions. Email notification settings can be found on the Outcomes tab of the policy wizard. Here you can decide how frequently you want to send notifications, set your privacy training URL, and enter any custom text for the email subject or body.

Remediate issues from email notifications

When your users receive email notifications about policy matches, they can follow prompts in the emails to immediately take corrective action. For example, if a data overexposure policy finds a match for personal data that may be too widely accessible, the resulting email may provide button prompts to make the item private. If the indicated item should be preserved as is, users can also choose to keep the item. The suggested actions provided will be relevant to each different type of policy.

Send notifications in Teams

For data transfer policies, users can receive policy tips and recommendations in secure Teams channels when a policy match is detected. These tips educate users on responsible use of personal data. Tips will also include links to related training.

To learn more about setting up these notifications, see Create policies in Privacy Risk Management.

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