Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms covers a few different disciplines. You'll learn how you can standardize Teams Rooms deployments to simplify the distribution of Teams Rooms across your environment. This includes things like shipping, components, and logistics.

You'll learn how the various components of Teams Rooms connect with one another. How does a table microphone connect to the compute module? How do simple room configurations differ from complex room configurations?

This module also introduces the resource account. The resource account is the account that represents the meeting room in Microsoft Teams. When you invite a room to a meeting, it's really the resource account that you're inviting. Beyond just learning how to create this account, you'll learn how to customize it using features such as Places and additional responses.

Learning objectives

In this module, you'll learn:

  • How to standardize a Teams Rooms deployment.
  • How all the various components of Teams Rooms work together.
  • To create the resource account used by Teams Rooms.


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding of PowerShell